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January 10, 2006 by MrSr
Today I feel bored, sitting here in my pharmacy class.
I cannot pay attention, but I think the class I'll still pass.
Time will come and go; this everyone knows,
but right not it's moving oh so slow.
The guy next to me would rather be playing a game of Battlefield 1942
or snuggling up next to his girlfriend, watching a movie or two;
that will do.
Maybe I'd be sitting back, reading an interesting tale,
but I'm half-asleep, hearing about a book by Martindale.
As I sit, hands cramping, an...
January 10, 2006 by MrSr
Welcome to my blog. I've never done a blog before, so we'll see what happens. Hopefully, you enjoy your time spent here while you could be studying for that quiz your remembered about an hour ago. If you don't have fun, then I can't help you, but if you think I can, let me know.